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Established December 2020

Business Profile

Haitian Creole “lakou” from the French “la cour” meaning courtyard.  In Haiti, clusters of homes built around a shared yard. Often times, members of a Lakou worked cooperatively and provided for each other with financial and other forms of support. 
Create an environment where entrepreneurs and small businesses operate as a mutually supportive FAMILY delivering a one-of-a-kind experience making our customers feel at home!
Acquire and develop properties into multi use facilities that bring people together and generates multiple revenue streams creating a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses to succeed. 
A collaboration of misfits working together to maximize the power of our most valuable resource… THE HEART OF THE PEOPLE. 
Lakou is not a place... it's a people.


Keeping track of accounting tasks for any business owner is a hefty responsibility, even more so for a young entrepreneur with a startup. HJ Tax & Accounting Services has been working to streamline our accounting process and implement systems to help us reach our financial goals. With over 10 years of tax and accounting experience we know they'll be able to lead us in the right direction for our company's growth. Click here for more information about HJ Tax and Accounting Services.

We've been blessed to have connected with the owner of The Supper Club Event Center, Faith Money. She has built her event center into a successful business for the past 6 years and chose to become our mentor. She has guided us through a complete overhaul of our event processes helping us implement our automated booking system and a standard setup that is easily customizable for each customer. You can click here for more information about The Supper Club Event Center.

Real Estate Development is a very competitive and complicated process. It is nearly impossible for a startup to navigate the real estate development process on their own. Thankfully, we don't have to. Scungio Borst & Associates and Scungio Borst International are worldwide construction services firms specializing in general construction, consulting and project management. With almost 20 years of experience, they are guiding us through the process and have already selected an architectural firm to help us make our vision a reality. Click here for more information about Scungio Borst & Associates.

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