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Established December 2020

Business Profile

Haitian Creole “lakou” from the French “la cour” meaning courtyard.  In Haiti, clusters of homes built around a shared yard. Often times, members of a Lakou worked cooperatively and provided for each other with financial and other forms of support. 
Create an environment where entrepreneurs and small businesses operate as a mutually supportive FAMILY delivering a one-of-a-kind experience making our customers feel at home!
Acquire and develop properties into multi use facilities that bring people together and generates multiple revenue streams creating a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses to succeed. 
A collaboration of misfits working together to maximize the power of our most valuable resource… THE HEART OF THE PEOPLE. 
Lakou is not a place... it's a people.

Financial Projections

Event Space

The rentals we will offer are each room separately, both ballrooms together with the bar, and repast rentals. The pricing will vary by the day with the weekends being our prime days. Our pricing will increase annually to account for inflation and added expenses. 

Commercial Kitchen

Our Commercial Kitchen has three cooking stations, a walk-in refrigerator, walk-in freezer, and dishwashing area. We began rentals in April at limited capacity due to lack of equipment. The Kitchen rentals generated $24,000 from four customers. Our goal for 2022 is to build up to three mobile food vendor customers, one ghost kitchen and two caterers. We will offer hourly rentals of our 3 stations and packages. Our pricing will increase annually to account for inflation and added expenses. 

Food Park and Eatery

Our goal for 2022 and 2023 is to host three food vendors Wednesday through Saturday and host six large events with six or more vendors. Our vendor pricing will be a flat rate and then transition to a percentage of sales. 

Entertainment Shows

Our entertainment shows will be done on Thursdays in order to build it up. Once we get a consistent following we will expand to Wednesdays and outdoor concerts. We will be able to generate revenue through ticket, food and beverage sales. We will also use the content from our shows to build our Lakou Entertainment Brand on social media which will be an additional source of revenue as our online presence builds.

Alcohol Related Sales

In 2022, our focus will be on mastering the social permit process and the township's new beer garden requirements. We will pair some of our beer garden and social permit events with our food park events to maximize customer attraction. Our goal is to have the microbrewery approved and built on 2905 Marne Highway by 2023 for rentals to startup  and small brewers. We will charge $331 per barrel as an introductory rate which is comparable to $1 per 12 ounce bottle of beer.

Get in Touch if you want to help us reach our goal


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