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Event Guidelines & FAQs

Event Guidelines

  • Rental includes 1 hour setup and 1 hour breakdown.

  • An event liaison will be assigned to you once you book.

  • Setup and cleanup is your responsibility.  DO NOT DRAG TABLES AND CHAIRS.

  • Do not remove table cloths & chair covers.  If you want to use your own simply place them over ours.

  • You can move the room around but the room must be put back the way it was found.

  • You must be out and cleaned up within 1 hour after your approved end time.

  • Kitchen access is not included.

  • Chafers are provided but you must bring your own burners.

  • (2) 32 gallon trash cans with (4) liners are provided.  You should bring extra liners if you need more than what's provided.

  • No glitter, confetti or confetti balloons.

  • No smoke machines or pyrotechnics of any kind.

  • General cleaning is your responsibility.

  • Not responsible for anything left behind.  We do not have a lost and found.

  • Water beads cannot be poured down the sink/drain or dumped on our property or in our trash cans.  They must placed directly in the dumpster or taken with you.

  • No loitering in the parking lot. 

  • No smoking by entrances and exits. 

  • Deliveries and pickups must be scheduled during your rental window.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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