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Established December 2020

Business Profile

Haitian Creole “lakou” from the French “la cour” meaning courtyard.  In Haiti, clusters of homes built around a shared yard. Often times, members of a Lakou worked cooperatively and provided for each other with financial and other forms of support. 
Create an environment where entrepreneurs and small businesses operate as a mutually supportive FAMILY delivering a one-of-a-kind experience making our customers feel at home!
Acquire and develop properties into multi use facilities that bring people together and generates multiple revenue streams creating a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses to succeed. 
A collaboration of misfits working together to maximize the power of our most valuable resource… THE HEART OF THE PEOPLE. 
Lakou is not a place... it's a people.

Revenue Streams

Event Space

Commercial Kitchen

Food Park and Eatery

Entertainment Shows

Alcohol Related Sales

Merchandise/Product Sales

Revenue Streams

The revenue streams we will generate from Lakou are the Event Space, Commercial Kitchen, Food Park and Eatery, Entertainment Shows, Alcohol Related Sales, and Merchandise Product Sales. During our first year we were able to execute two of our six revenue streams; our Event Space and Commercial Kitchen.

Our Event Space has two ballrooms, a bar, patio, and gazebo. We began rentals in January 2021 at a limited capacity due to COVID restrictions.  The Event Space executed over 50 events and generated $108,000 while operating at limited capacity.  Our overall capacity is to execute eight small to medium sized or three large events every weekend.  Our goal for 2022 is to generate at least 100 small to medium sized events, 50 large events and 75 repasts. We are also positioned to have outdoor events.  We have cocktail tables and stools for the patio as well as canopies, folding chairs and plastic tables for outdoor parties.

Our Commercial Kitchen has three cooking stations, a walk-in refrigerator, walk-in freezer, and dishwashing area. We began rentals in April at limited capacity due to lack of equipment. The Kitchen rentals generated $24,000 from four customers. Our goal for 2022 is to build up to three mobile food vendor customers, one ghost kitchen and two caterers. 

The Food Park and Eatery was not executed due to permitting restrictions. Township rules have changed and are more lenient which will allow us to execute our Food Park as soon as weather permits.  Our goal for 2022 is to host three food vendors daily and host five large events with six or more vendors.

In 2022, Lakou will begin holding entertainment shows throughout the week. Thursdays will be dedicated to these entertainment shows.  We will be able to generate revenue through ticket, food and beverage sales.  We will also use the content from our shows to build our Lakou Entertainment brand on social media which will be an additional source of revenue as our online presence builds.

Part of our strategy for the overall development is to build a brewery on the 2905 Marne Highway lot. We will also be working towards establishing a social club with liquor license at 2901 Marne Highway. Until we receive the licenses for these we will be able to apply for social permits and set up a beer garden for rentals. 

Merchandise and product sales will incorporate popular products for events and kitchen customers. Customers often forget things or prefer the convenience of having products already at the venue. Our goal for 2022 is to provide customers with quality products that rival other party vendors.

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